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Genexis Group AB is a European company with 30 years of experience in the broadband- and telecommunications sector, headquartered in Stockholm. Our subsidiaries develop and deliver products and software for the fast-growing fiber-to-the-home, broadband, and IoT markets. Our R&D centers are located in Stockholm, Eindhoven, Mechelen, and Warsaw.


Founded: 1991 (Brand established 2002)
Headquarters: Stockholm (Sweden) and Eindhoven (The Netherlands)

Genexis offers user-friendly and easy-to-install broadband products in the fiber-to-the-home and WiFi segments. The products are based on market-leading technology, are fully managed and – through a patented design – make it easy to install and upgrade as new technology generations become available. Our customers are communication service providers and network owners with focus on fiber-speed connectivity, whom we support from our local operating companies throughout Europe.

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Founded: 2017
Headquarters: Stockholm (Sweden)

IOPSYS is the company behind IOWRT, an open source-based hardware independent software that enables broadband operators to lower their TCO as well as offer next-generation services independent of CPE platforms. IOWRT is a platform for value-added applications and helps to drive standardization, improving the overall industry for CPE software. Our customers are service providers and equipment manufacturers within broadband and IoT, who believe in the open-source approach.

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More than 30 years of sustainable business

It started in 1991 and over the years the group has become one of Europe’s leading companies in fiber-to-the-home CPE products and hardware independent software platforms.

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Elltepé Kabel & Satellit AB is founded. The business model is to become a leading Swedish distributor of CATV-products within the cable and satellite TV market.
The company promotes C-COR and later on Philips CATV amplifiers and fiber optic Head-End and fiber nodes as well as parabolic antennas and receivers for the DTH market.
The company establishes a cooperation with Coresma regarding the development of a cable modem platform.
Breakthrough with a new cable modem platform including CMTS and CM with customers such as Telia, Tele2, Com hem and Telenor.
To emphasize its focus on the broadband market the company changes its name to Elltepé Broadband Technology AB.
Elltepé Broadband Technology AB is acquired by KAMIC Group.
A long time partnership regarding development and production of CPE products with Xavi Technology in Taiwan begins.
Breakthrough deal with Bredbandsbolaget (Telenor) regarding development and deployment of ADSL2+ CPE’s increasing the bandwidth increasing from 0.5Mb/s to 28Mb/s.
Breakthrough deal with Telia regarding fiber and ethernet termination products for the FTTH and open access networks market.
A new CPE product portfolio is launched. The products are based on a new technology from Broadcom. FTTH products get more focus in the product portfolio and the well-known products FG101 and XG6746 are launched. The company decides to expand in the Nordic region and a new era in the company’s history starts. The company acquires Inteno Communication in Norway and changes its name to Inteno Broadband Technology AB.
The company expands to Finland through the acquisition of NetMedia Oy.
The company establishes itself in Denmark through the acquisition of Telco Systems A/S, and markets the company internationally with a stand at CeBit in Hannover, Germany, which was the world’s largest expo within information technology.
The international marketing continues with a stand at FTTH council in Copenhagen, Denmark. Skylane Optics´ SFP and XFP modules are introduced in the Nordic market.
The company develops CPE products on a range of chipsets and decides to invest in the development of a new hardware independent software platform based on OpenWrt. This platform is today known as IOWRT.
To complement IOPSYS operating system with a real-time management platform, the company acquires Cloud Friends BVBA, who develops the CloudSight product. The company launches IOPSYS and CloudSight on its residential gateway products and continues to invest in the development.
Inteno is established as a market-leading Nordic broadband and telecommunications group with a broad product portfolio within CPE and software platforms.
The company launches IOWRT to third party as a hardware-independent operating system for CPE products. Target customers are operators, ODMs and OEMs.
Accent Equity acquires Inteno Broadband Technology AB with subsidiaries and establishes Inteno Group AB as the parent company of the group.
In order to enable the software platform IOPSYS to develop into a world-leading software product, IOPSYS Software Solutions AB is established as a subsidiary of Inteno Group. IOSPYS continues to invest in the operating system named IOWRT.
Inteno expands to central Europe through the acquisition of Genexis Group based in the Netherlands. Inteno merges its product division with Genexis and creates a PAN-European product company within CPE, FTTH and WiFi. The joint product company continues its operations under the Genexis brand.
Genexis, the new pan European product company within Inteno Group, consolidates its product and software platforms and develops the next generation fiber-to-the-home and WiFi portfolio. All products are based on IOWRT.
IOPSYS Software Solutions AB makes a major breakthrough by signing a deal with BT. The British telecom giant selects IOWRT as a software platform for its future broadband products in order to create a true hardware independence for its next generation of gateways.
Inteno Group acquires the software and solutions provider Seliro and its subsidiary Tilgin. Seliro merges with IOPSYS and Tilgin with Genexis.
Inteno Group has now more than 200 employees in thirteen countries. The group has software scale-up partners in Poland, India and Russia as well as product manufacturing with close partners in Asia. To further improve the service provider’s ability to offer the best possible in-home connectivity, Inteno Group continuously invests in software and product development.

Genexis is established as a market leader in fiber speed products with focus on the growing in-home fiber and WiFi market in Europe. Tilgin is part of Genxis.


IOPSYS is a market leader in open software platforms fort the gateway and IoT industry and influences innovation and standardization through its partnership with standardization bodies like Prpl, BBF and WiFi Alliance. Seliro is part of IOPSYS.

Genexis Group AB is owned by an investment consortium led by Swedish investor Accent Equity. In 2022, Genexis Group acquired Inteno Group AB and its subsidiary companies IOPSYS and Genexis. Genexis Group AB continues on the path set by Inteno Group, investing in products and technology for the fast-growing fiber-to-the-home market as well as the market for hardware independent software for broadband and IOT. Genexis Group believes in making a positive impact and is dedicated to building a sustainable society.
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