Corporate governance

Inteno Group corporate governance

Inteno Group AB is a Swedish company with its seat in Stockholm, Sweden. The group company Genexis Group AB’s corporate bond is currently listed in Frankfurt and will be listed on Nasdaq Stockholm during 2023. The group’s corporate governance follows from Swedish law. Inteno Group will begin a voluntary adaptation to the Swedish code for corporate governance and will prepare a corporate governance report that will be included in the company’s annual report from 2023.

Inteno Group AB is a wholly owned subsidiary of a group whose parent company is Inteno Holding AB. At the end of September 2022, the ownership in Inteno Holding AB is distributed between Accent Equity 2017 (38.6%), Unigestion SA (22.2%), Schelp Holding B.V. (23.1%), Simac Techniek N.V (10.4%) and management which controls the remaining 5.6% percent.

Through structured operations and a healthy corporate culture, long-term value creation with limited risks is ensured

Management and Board of Directors

External auditor

At the annual general meeting on June 22, 2022, PwC with Tobias Stråhle as chief auditor was elected as regular authorized auditor for the period until the next annual general meeting