Open source transformation

In early days of software development, developers shared software freely in order to learn from each other. Then came a period of more proprietary and fragmented software implementations. Today open source software is well known and used as a tool for better and improved software development in most industries.

The Inteno group of companies plays an important role in open source by transforming and bringing the model to the residential gateway industry by working close to the open source communities and supporting upstream and development activities. Learn more about the latest development at and

Value added services

We are believers in bringing third party applications and improved user experiences to the residential gateway. We describe this as “Life Cycle Management” in the context of container and application management.

This concept is not novel, the idea of evolving the residential gateway into a service delivery platform has been around for years. This evolution has not yet been possible due to proprietary and fragmented software implementations, but things are aligning;the hardware platforms are becoming sufficiently powerful, the software platforms are becoming open and modular and to tie it all together. The Inteno group of companies and our ecosystem bring mature and standardized solutions to the residential gateway edge.

IOPSYS develops IOPSYSWRT an open source hardware agnostic operating system for CPE products. The software has a service delivery platform built in to its core which means that features and functions will be extended and added over the product’s life cycle. The possibility to add functionality can be presented to a consumer in a marketplace or simply appear as nightly updates as part of the operator’s evolving customer offering depending on preferences at the operator.

Genexis develops its open software GenXOS for residential gateways and MESH Extender products based on the IOPSYSWRT SDK. In addition, Genexis develops CloudSight, a management and help desk platform enabling proactive trouble shooting and management as well as real-time problem solving in order for consumers to maintain a trouble-free connection for all types of devices.