The WiFi evolution

Whole home WiFi coverage and interoperability between WiFi devices is a key priority. The Inteno group of companies are active in the development and support of open standards enabling for seamless roaming and interoperability within the WiFi domain.

With the pick-up of true fiber connectivity, the need for robust and managed WiFi becomes important. WiFi is constantly evolving and new WiFi standards are being introduced every second year, delivering higher performance, connecting more devices simultaneously and transforming WiFi from ‘best-effort’ to a supported service in our homes as well as in train stations, airports, hospitals and arenas.

The Inteno group of companies are fully committed to supporting WiFi EasyMesh standards defined by WiFi Alliance. The Easy Mesh standard allows networks to employ multiple access points that work together to form a unified network that provides smart, efficient WiFi throughout the home and outdoor spaces.

WiFi must be easy and simple to install and use, where network setup and device onboarding should involve minimal user intervention.


We live in an increasingly connected world and our homes and offices are filled with connected products and devices. The threats from Internet increase and with more connected devices, the vulnerability and risk of unauthorized access and misuse of data increases. The Inteno group of companies constantly work to improve the safety and security as well as the customer experience in our products and solutions.

Genexis develops residential gateways and MESH Extender products enabling whole home coverage.

IOPSYS develops embedded operating systems for residential gateways and MESH Extender products enabling for remote management, support and analytics.