Whole home WiFi

Whole-home WiFi coverage is a key priority. The companies in Genexis Group are active in the development and support of open standards, enabling seamless roaming and interoperability within the WiFi domain.

With the pick-up of true fiber connectivity, the need for robust and managed WiFi becomes important. WiFi is constantly evolving, and new WiFi standards are being introduced every second year, delivering higher performance, connecting more devices simultaneously, and transforming WiFi from ‘best-effort’ to a supported service in our homes as well as in train stations, airports, hospitals, and arenas.

The Genexis group of companies are fully committed to supporting the WiFi EasyMesh standards as defined by the WiFi Alliance. The EasyMesh standards allow networks to employ multiple access points that work together to form a unified network that provides smart, efficient WiFi throughout the home and outdoor spaces.

Our broadband philosophy