Inteno and Domos Labs improve the WiFi experience

Inteno Group and Domos Labs enable operators to deliver an optimal wireless experience at home.
Wireless coverage in the home has become increasingly important, and we expect full wireless coverage for all our devices. A solution from Inteno and Domos Labs enables the operator to help their consumers achieving this expectation.

The Domos Cloud service application running in Inteno’s gateway software automatically detects various ways to improve the indoor coverage in a home. There is also an automated “assistant” in an “app” helping the consumer with just this. If these measures do not improve the coverage sufficiently, the operator will be able to offer the consumer a WiFi extender as an integrated part of the system.
By taking these measures, the operator will ensure optimal indoor coverage for their customers. In addition, the support department will be enabled with more advanced tools in order to help customers looking for enhanced services.

“For quite some time we have seen a clear demand for smarter solutions addressing the challenges of indoor WiFi coverage. By utilizing the Inteno Platform (iopsys SDP), a unique and open service delivery platform, we are now together with Domos Labs able to solve most of these performance based challenges. Applying smart software also ensures the reuse of existing equipment”, says Arild Westring, Business Developer at Inteno Group.

“Our cloud-based solution targets to solve the most common issues that an average consumer experiences in the wireless home network. The cooperation with a well-established company like Inteno is very exciting for us, and it proves to show that artificial intelligence can create world class user experiences on existing home routers and gateways”, Bent Erik Skaug says, being one of the founders of Domos Labs.

About the solution

The solution consists of intelligent software (Domos), iopsys SDP and range-extender technology (Inteno). This forms a seamless and dynamic multi-point home WiFi network, as we know it from various enterprise solutions available on the market. The Domos cloud service extracts information from algorithms / artificial intelligence and configures each WiFi component accordingly in real-time. The WiFi assistant app will also provide the user with easy control and visibility of the entire home networking solution.

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For more information, please contact: Conny Franzén, CEO of Inteno Broadband Technology
Telephone: +46 70 770 44 61

About Inteno and iopsys

Inteno is a major supplier of residential gateway software and hardware solutions to European operators and network owners. The Inteno Group has subsidiaries and offices in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Belgium.

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