True home connectivity

We realize that transforming broadband connectivity into tangible services for the end user is where the value lies. Our products and solutions enable these residential services, ensuring the highest quality of service within triple-play and beyond. And not forgetting about reliable WiFi connectivity, security and of course value add services. The group’s products and solutions are driven by design and usability and are flexible and adaptable.

Network Termination

Active Ethernet, GPON, XGSPON. Easy and cost efficient to install, patented fiber management featuring advanced L2 & L3 functionality. Looking for a unique fiber connectivity solution that can be connected by the end user, eliminates installer costs, and is compact enough to be located anywhere in the home?

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Active Ethernet, GPON, XGSOPN, Ethernet, and DSL. Genexis has a wide selection of fully managed residential gateway products, including advanced WiFi functionality.

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Extenders and repeaters

Whole home WiFi extender and repeater products featuring the latest technology including WiFi 6 and beyond. Extend your connectivity and the range of your wireless home network by pairing wired or wirelessly.

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The CloudSight platform is a scalable real-time server platform connecting CPE devices to the Cloud, enabling remote device management, helpdesk functionality and WiFi analytics. CloudSight will enable the whole home WiFi revolution.

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Gateway software

IOWRT is a stand-alone open source software for CPE products. The software is hardware agnostic and fully featured across platforms and manufacturers. Prepared for 3rd party software providing value-add functionality for ISPs.

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